July 17, 2024

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Movie – Mulan (2020 live action)

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The short version –

A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father.


The long version, well thats the nice disney women power one, we have mulan the, should be traditional chinese woman, her life is planned, she i trained to conform from an early age. When she reaches the right age, the town suitor will perform a test on her skills and then pick a husband… only not for mulan. From the opening scenes you see she is far from the traditional woman they want her to be. 

The movie follows the story of her as she makes mistake on mistake.. A war comes to her country and the government will take the male from each family, only in mulans case there is only her old injured father. She must make the decision, take his place or send him to certain death. 

She therefore disguises herself as a man in the mans army where lying is seen as a sin where they would banish the family forever. 

She completes the training and only in the first battle does her true self come out, she fights a witch and wins against most of the bad guys…

But she is now disgraced, what can she do to save the family honor, does she even stand a chance… 

This follows the original cartoon version quite closely, only with more graphic battle scenes and without the annoying dragon following her around.. Its nicely made.

See what you think…

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