June 25, 2024

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About Us

We are gwhle.com a small number of people for a passion with all things entertainment movies and more. In this ever changing world its good to have a voice a place to post your thoughts on the things we see and hear about as we travel through this world. Well thats what we have here, a platform to publish the things we like the things of intertest of just general chit chat.

It wont be edgy (well maybe sometimes) it shouldnt be controversial but it will be our opinions.

As the site evolves we hope to get your feedback and for you to join, in. Yes there are other sites out there that do things better and more regular and from time to time we will point you in their direction but that is what its all about, making this internet one big community of individuals, one world one voice the internet has no boundries so why should we.

For now were starting out small, a site a few posts, good old twitter and hopefully soon facebook and instagram… come with us on this new journey and help us evolve.


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