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After Everything (2023)

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Tessa and Hardin are living separate lives after Hardin published his revealing book without her knowledge. Alone in England, Hardin now a successful writer is plagued by writers block for his next novell, without his mews to help he spends his days infront of a blank screen and a phone he cant seem to put down trying over and over to reach out to Tessa without success.

As a reult he retreats into drinking and other harmful habits. He has to find a way past this or suffer a hefty financial penaltym
Rather than give in to his demons, Hardin starts to realize that the only way to move forward–and have any chance of winning back Tessa–is to right wrongs from his past.
With the decision made he has to start somewhere so after dinner with his mum the choice is made.

He travels to Portugal to visit Natalie, a woman he once treated terribly. By spending time with Natalie and realizing she has moved on, Hardin is finally able to forgive himself and envision a bright future with the woman he loves.
Natalie helps him to come to terms with thr fact he may love Tessa forever but have no choice but to move on.

Back in the States, Landon and Nora prepare for their upcoming wedding. He is invited and decides he has to go. Tessa is the maid of honour and he the best man their meeting is innevitable he has to meet his demons and find a way forward either with her or without.

Can the couple who have been through it all forgive each other and make the ultimate commitment?

The movie, such as it is, the fifth in a four book series, does seem too much like it was thrown together to eek out the last drip of fans money for the franchise. True fans had too see what the outcome will be and this movie is all for that and nothing else. It takes over an hour to find out what how it ends and to get there you get, sorry to say, bored. The movie is slow, badly written, hardin is the only one wr get to follow for the majority of the film with only flashback clips reminding you who Tessa is until the very end. They really could have wrapped this all up if the fourth movie was just 20 minutes longer. All in all this is a sorry excuse for a follow up bad writing acting and pace.. please we explore you skip this one inlets you just want to have seen them all and do do do READ THE BOOKS.
After waiting a tear this is a disappointment but it has to be seen 2/5

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