July 17, 2024

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My Fault (2024) (Spanish lanuage)

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So it was time to watch something lighter after oppenheimer and Barbie (well easier anyway) so as usual find ourselves scrolling amazon and others.. and we come across My Fault a Spanish movie which normally wouldn’t register. Well this was an OK film, we have Noah (Nicole Wallace) who is out of place having to move from her home to a mansion when her mother falls for a millionaire. She is far from happy leaving her friends behind. Enter Nick (Gabriele Guevara) a supposedly perfect stepbrother.

Thr two follow the usual story they hate each other from thr start, noah brushing and secretly watching Nick as he turns out to be a had boy in hiding.

The story takes a twist when it seems that Noah’s abusive father turns up and kidnaps her for the money.. and you have a padding movie as usual.

Being in Spanish for us English speakers it worked best with subtitles as for some reason the subbing actors they got simply sounded stupid. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the. Movie (note I’m avoiding saying the word like) but aside from some corny one liners and a predictable TV movie plot it was actually something you could watch.

The writers left a hook at the end for a sequel as seems the norm for these type of movies but another wouldn’t go amis.

Overall a good way to spen a couple hours…



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