July 17, 2024

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Irish Wish (2024) netflix

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Lindsay Lohan is back and this tike its a bit crap, well sorry to be blunt. It’s st Patrick’s day so obviously Netflix needs to release something and it’s a supposed romantic com when in fact it’s a train wreck.

The premise is an Irish wish literally Lohan plays Maddie book editor who thinks she is secretly in love with her writer Paul, only she can never tell him. After she introduces him to her friend they fall in love and she ends up invited to the wedding whilst in Ireland she visits a wishing chair where the fairy turns out to be real and grants her the wish of being the one to be marrying Paul.

Only turns out maddie and Paul don’t really have anything on common and she isn’t supposed to be with him.. introduce

Ed Speleers as Jamie a photographer she bumps into and had more wine common with. Over the course of the movie we have to endure, bad acting poor plot, but great locations oh and a pub that seems to only be frequented by trained Irish dancers for some unknown reason.

This is a bad film, bad script, bad acting and a question as to why Ed would take this after the highs of star trek.

2/5 (its a bad not even hallmark worthy film)

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