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After we collided (2020)

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After we collided is the second movie/book in the Anna Todd After series, written to follow on from “after”. In the movie we continue to follow the turbulent sometimes abusive love story of our hero Hardin Scott, and his love Tessa Young. Still in college we follow Tessa as she starts her new internship at Vance publishing a job she obtained through Hardin’s estranged father. We follow the highs and mightly lows of their relationship as more of Hardin’s past comes back to haunt them… will the survive their fights, can they trust each other to stay together. 


The movie does some justice to the source book, although (and without wanting to spoil anything) cast chunks of what would be a better storyline have been cut for the sake of time. That said there is enough of the original left to engage you through this movies run time. 

With some seriously PG-13 edited love scenes though it does have you using your imagination more than the book would have. 

The acting here is well done, the young stars do pull off the lovers looks, if a little cringy in places, the lighting is well done and the background music does not distract you from the whole story.


Viewed on its own, you would see this movie as a good way to waste an hour and a half of you time, but if you are a fan of the books, there are enough links and clues throughout to keep you engaged. I would encourage you to read the books before seeing the movies as they will make sense as a whole then… and no way are you getting the ending before the last movie. But thankfully the romour is that the studio has picked up all 4 of the original books for movies so we should see the main stories come together as a whole one day..even if that could be 2-3 years away.


As a fan of the books i would say a solid 3.5 out of 5. As a stand alone movie then sorry 2 out of 5.


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