July 17, 2024

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The Last Song (2010)

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As we have now been in lockdown in its various guises for many months, and it seems like years, new content has been harder to come by. The main studios choosing to hold back their latest releases until they can make money at the cinema, which in our humble opinion is a mistake, for the industry to survive there has to be content.. 

So what do we do in the meantime, we go to the back catalogue, we rewatch older movies to see if they are any good or as we remember them, so there will be some old movies on here and some lesser known ones.

Enter this movie from back in 2010 when Miley was still at the real height of her TV and movie boom. Miley plays Ronnie, a rebellious musically gifted teen sent to live at a beach house with her divorces dad with her brother, her dad holds a sad secret and as the movie unfolds we watch her come to terms with some devastating news and as usual evolve to be a more rounded person. 

Along the way we learn she has given up music and the chance to go to the prestigious juliard school, as she doesnt play following her parents split. 

She makes new friends and enemies in the formulaic movie, rebel comes to town, realises town isn’t that bad, realises she has it not too bad and secrets shouldnt always be kept. Finds themselves goes home happier with a new meaning.

The formula here works, and miley brings her music to play once more as she writes the final piano song.

Overall this movie is not that badly written or acted,  it is another good Nicholas Sparks adaptation for the screen, bringing just the right amount from the books to the screen. Sticking to the working formula with a couple of good twists to keep you interested along the way. The ending is a bit of a weepy so have the tissues ready.

Give it a watch whilst your waiting for the next one to com allong.

3 out of 5.


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