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Rate Movies – Top 5 Bond Movies

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So after a bit of boredom kicked in these past couple of days, I was surfing youtube, after a half hour just accepting their suggestions and ignoring the hundreds of adverts they throw at you I came upon a ranking video. Someone had taken the time to go through all 25 of the current Bond movies in their opinion. Now, suffice to say this was theirs and only theirs so i wanted to put up my own. But for brevity and because its sort of tradition just a top 5.

5. Casino Royale

In his first outing in the role Daniel Craig brought something new to the role, the story goes that Brocolli did not want anyone else for the role just Daniel. Who wasnt really into the idea, but after reading the script and doing a screentest he was onboard. The movie is the first in this new story ark, we see Bond newly promoted to 00 status go rogue and discover a new crime syndicate at the heart of most crimes.. The photography was brilliant, the mix of old an new styles was brilliant and Craig throws himself into the part with some vigor.

4. Live and let die

The Roger Moore years were mostly too camp and wholely silly to have one in this list but if you have to choose one then here it is. Live and let die simple as that.

3. License to kill

in the 80 we have Timothy Dalton, now sorry he wasn’t one of the best, but as a movie in the franchise, this one has to be high on a list. The story is pure vengeance that turns good in the end. The effects are limited we don’t have loads of bond gadgets but you don’t need them. The performance is also one of the best. so its a solid three.

2. No Time To Die

Sorry another Daniel Craig here and his last, as he bows out of the franchise allot of questions are left for the fan. How, who, when and so on. Bond it seems has been running after shadows his entire career. His lovelife is not what he thought and family is all. This entry brings back more classic bond action but with twists and Mallick is just the best baddy for years.

  1. Skyfall

And for number one on my list, it has to be skyfall. Craigs outing with more emotion more action and twists than most others. And the end of M. Skyfall is the home of the Bond family for years and the scene of its restoration it would seem. The countryside wont ever be the same.

Now as i said this is just an opinion, you probably have your own favourates and dont get me wrong, until the 2000s there was only one true bond Sean Connery, but with Daniel Craig that throws others into the mix. And i get that there are no Sean movies in this list but as a movie in its own right they just dont belon here not to me anyway.

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