June 25, 2024

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The Fall Guy (2024)

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If you were a child of the 80s in most western countries you will at least have hears of the iconic Saturday afternoon action tv show The Fall Guy, back then the star Lee Majors played the stuntman Colt Seavers who by day was doing movie stunts and by night (as the saying went) was a bounty hunter for hire. He used his skills in the stunt world to have high adventures every week for years.

Roll on the 2020’s and the barrel is being scraped again for things that could be remade or made to movie, and this time they fell on this premise, this time though they are rolling our Ryan Gosling as your star, he plays Colt the stuntman, this time an accident puts him out of commission and dents his confidence away from the main job for over a year, Emily Blunt plays the then love interest he is forced to leave behind. Following a turn of events where the star of the movie he is on disappears, Colt is tasked with finding his once friend and keeping his ex loves first directorial debut on track.

The style of this movie, is more slapstick than serious, and in my humble opinion this dents it, making the premises slapstick just doesnt work, yes its a fiction but most take these things seriously and although the original was pure saturday fodder this one could have done so much better.

Gosling gives us a lack luster performance with the material he has and Blunt just seems to be along for the ride to say the least. This could have been so much better and the start of a good series as the original lent itself to. The writing just seems to be, adequate, and that’s all the budget on this one seems to have been spent on the stars and the effects, they do have some good extras on this to take the mik out of themselves which is good.

A good time killer and a bit of slapstick this is…


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