July 17, 2024

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Time Is Up (2021) Movie

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What can we say here, there is a habit to judge a movie as it starts up with me, and with this one it didnt start out well, this one had no less than 5 companies involved before even starting, this does sorry seem like a bit of desperation that you have to go begging for multiple companies to get it made. Sorry to say I can see why they had to go with so many companies after watching this.

The story is simple one, an overachiever Vivien played by Bella Thorn, struggles with her intellect and her relationship, along with her parents troubled relationship.

After a few minutes of the movie, she is mesmerised by a bad boy swimmer on her boyfriends swim club Roy (Benhamin Mascolo). The movie follows her as she makes discoveries about her boyfriend, somehow ends up in rome on a supposed swim team meet and ends up in a car accident.

The resultant coma, transports her back to the states and wipes her memory of the events leading to it. The final part of the movie is her trying to piece together what happened and to actually remember Roy.

Overall this just seems like a vehicle to get Bella into as little clothing and showing as much cleveage as she can at every opportunity, the writing is terrible, the acting is just plain bad which is why I was not surprised it took just 5000.. you watch this for half hour and you want to find something else to do..

1/5 dont waste your time.. for a better Bella movie try Midnight Sun

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