July 17, 2024

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Free Guy (2021) Movie

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Ryan Reynolds brings us a big blockbuster, and this time it was sort of worth the wait.

What if one day you woke up and thought that everything was just a little too similar day in day out, normal you say. Well for Guy (Reynolds) thats exactly what it was, wake up go to work at the bank.. get robbed go home and do it all again the next day and the next. Only one day he changes just one thing and his world unravels. For Guy it was a simple twist of fate, he spots a new woman in town, this one he is fixated on, the most beautiful one ever so he thinks and that makes him think, what if. So he changes things, stops a robber, takes the glasses they wear and the world changes forever. No longer is he a NPC that is there to be killed or subdued day on day but he decides he wants to be more to meet his girl so he levels up. Along the way he does meet Millie (Jodie Comer) as a his dream girl aplayer who is looking to expose the bad guys and you have the makings of a good action comedy caper. Millie was robbed years ago by a corrupt executive who took her work and messed with it cutting her and her old partner out of the deal, her aim now is to expose this and get back that which is theirs. To do this she has to crack the game get back her secret map and save the electronic day… and fun goes on.

So should you spend your money on watching this one, or is it a waste well. Yes, and to address the other comments i have seen out on the interwebs there are those that will pull similarities between this and say ready player one or even the matrix but it is different enough to just work. This movie unlike the matrix is based on software believing its a man rather than a man being software so.. The effects are epic and you can see why they made a joke of the tech that went into this one in the titles but they did a very good job.

After the wait of the delayed release this is well worth your money to watch. 4/5 (knocking one off as some of the jokes are just too corny)

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