April 20, 2024

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Jungle Cruise (2021)

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Finally Disney have released another delayed film and this time… they should have waited longer and done a better job.

Disney have released this movie after months of delay to only a bit of advertising. They would have you think this was going to be another blockbuster… but then you watch it and…. so disappointing.

The movie is a story to support their jungle cruise ride at Disney land, and they invented an elaborate backside.

Following the amazon River there is supposed to be a magical tree that only flowers in moonlight that can keep you alive forever or just cure all illnesses. In itself not a bad idea for a fantasy film.

Emily blunt plays lily Houghton, a female want to be explorer who is breaking the convention of the 1910s in being a female explorer wanting to become a member of the all male explorer club. She wants to travel the world finding lost treasures, her latest adventure starts with a theft a spearhead needed as the key to finding the tree of life.. so the exploit begins we follow her as she travels to the amazon to find a guide.

After bumbling her way through the robbery her and her brother Mcgreggor Houghton (comedian Jack whitehall) try to find a guide and boat captain.. that’s where the rock comes I’m, he is skipper to a cruise boat or so it seems.. they hook up and adventure starts.

We follow as they travel the river and survive its many perils.. which apparently also now include a German submarine.. that ship is captained by a mad price who too is set to find the tree to help win the war.

The movie is around the race to get to this mythical life tree.. to either win the war or to save the human race… who will win.

Overall this is a disney movie through and through, the action is all very PG rated, the effects are full on silly as is the action. You can watch this and turn off your realism filter in your head, it is all too far fetched, the action that would kill anyone or just destroy the ships.. anyway. As a disney movie this works ok it is not the best but not the worst, you can tell it was a bit forced as a story to fit a ride rather than anything else. The Rock pulls this off quite well as does Emily.

Overall 3 out of 5.


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