May 27, 2024

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NCIS Hawai’i (2021) TV

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Had to make a comment on this one really, the new offshoot from the now 19 season NCIS has landed after a little hype this time in the tropical hawaii but is it any good. Well after just one pilot episode the decision is simply… nope. They are trying too hard and take things a little too far.

First off the pilot episode, we have an experimental plane crash landing on hawaii itself ok you think only this is an XBOX crash with just enough debrit to give them somewhere to act..

Then is the opening scene where we see the commanding officer of this outpost, Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) a nice mom out playing football with the kids, who turns around to MP’s clearing the playing field for a blackhawk to land in the midle of to wisk her away to this emergency.. only this is a bit too far fetched. Whilst very TV friendly they are much more likely to put her in a car or just, maybe RING HER, than use these thousands of dollars of hardware to go to a crash that is no longer an emergency. Anyway, put with this the introduction of the support staff who all seem to be actors that would do well in a high school play and thats it and you have the makings of something that so far shouldnt be green lit let alone given a season.

We can only hope that this is indeed just the results of it being an actual pilot episode rather than the shape of things to come, we have no master character here that will be able to carry us, the lead is a bit weak the supports are all a bit undertrained.. no marine should be bested in hand to hand with a street thug…

time will tell but for now its a little 2 out of 5 from me.. hope it improves.


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