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The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

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Its been 18 years since we last saw Neo and Trinity battle the agents of the matrix, so the first question we have to ask is a simple one, was the wait worth it. Well in short, sort of. If you were a fan of the original trilogy you might wonder why there is a fourth movie in a trilogy.. sort of odd right. Well it seems that they wanted to reuse the franchise, and we cant argue with that one.

The premise of the movie is not too complex, the execution is a nice twist though-

Neo and Trinity were apparently lost at the end of the last movie, giving their lives to defeat that matrix of the time in an attempt to free the human race. But although they dies the matrix didnt want them to be left that way, it decided that their presence led to a nice touch of randomness so they can be resurrected to keep the system working better. Enter Neil Patric Harris, of dougy houser and how i met your mom plus many many others fame, as the analyst a new master program who starts out as a control to keep Neo subdued and believing the lie.

We start the story out slow, Neo now Thomas works for a software company, he has made three highly successful games for the world, The Matrix, he believes that the matrix is his lifes work so much that he has nightmares of the matrix story. This being the case the analyst program uses this to convince him everything he remembers or dreams is nothing more than a psychological problem that needs treating.. with the blue pil. Thomas goes through his days thinking he is just an ordinary person in a high profile job until one day he runs into Tiff who he is convinced is the character from his game Trinity and his memory starts to return..

As we follow the action we meet some new characters, Bugs Jessica Henwick, is a new generation of rebel who can walk throughout the matrix using doors like the keymaker had. The later generation of the matrix uses bots like in any game that can be turned for combat. Bugs is convinced that she must free Neo and Trinity from their mental captivity.

Finding Thomas is the first move, but it doesnt go well, Thomas believes he is having a mental breakdown and returns to the analyst to be reset. The second time she tries is a bit better, finding Thomas in a depressed state she offers him the choice and after a bit of trouble (we have to leave you something to watch it for) he is out but not yet Neo.

The rest of the film is Neo now reinvented trying to get back with the love of his life and the other part of the key to the matrix Trinity.

The movie run time is a bit daunting at 2hrs 27m but it does need that long not to need another movie, the writing does seem a little dated but then that is its charm. You really do need to have seen the other movies for most of this to make sense. The effects are definnetly better now you needed this to be brought up to date, we have full on symbiant machines and programs brought to life.. bet this was another odd movie to make on all green screen interacting with nothing.

All in all this is a good science fiction movie to follow the original, you have to ask the reason they are doing this now i find it hard to believe that Keanu needs the money as he is also doing the John Wick franchise for another 2 movies. But a trilogy of 4 and being left open for more is just milking this one, hopefully they wont make 10 of these and just ruin it.

So in summary, a plausible story in the timeline of the matrix, this does bring you some good thoughts as to are we in the matrix.. just kidding.. or am I. Its a good 4 out of 5 from me here. Only 1 off due to it being number 4 in a trilogy. Give it a watch.


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