May 27, 2024

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The Wheel Of Time (2021)

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Wandering around the subscription services this week i came across a new fantasy show, the wheel of time, and have to say from the first three episodes that are now available this is a passable show. Dont get me wrong, saying passable is not an insult, if your not into the whole fantasy thing, didnt get game of thrones at all.. then its a good thing. the show is fantasy and its quite engaging, you can follow the story well and its not too dark or weird that you want to turn it off.

So what is the premise, well its a simple one, in this world that exists there is a power called “the One Power” that only a few females can control, the power can be used as a force for defense or for healing but it is up to the controller to decide.

Enter the main character, Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), who we see out looking for the reincarnation of a powerful spirit. In this timeline the name of the book comes from the fact that everyone is a reincarnation of someone, you dont die you just go around the wheel again in a different form. Moiraine and her protector Lan travel the lands looking for “the dark one” in an effort to control its power. In the process they find four 20 somethings that they must protect and travel with to stop the evil power from getting them.

The cast works well together, they can be a little annoying but then thats the point you have to dislike and like to keep interested. The first three episodes spend their time introducing us to the cast and to their weekneses and lay out the foundation for what is to come.

As the book series on which this is based runs to 14 books there is more than enough material to run this for many years, lets hope they stick with it, releasing in the time of the Witcher this may be a good thing to grab the audience.

Overall the show works well, it is a little annoying that amazon decided to release this weekly..

(You have to ask though if the “One” power is a rip off of the force but hey we can only speculate)

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