June 25, 2024

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Marry Me (2022) Review

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If you have seen one Jennifer Lopez romcom you have seen them all really, or thats the opinion of many, but after this latest one its now a reality. Now thats not to say its a bad movie, if all you want is a nice bit of escapism for an hour and a half then this is perfect for you, but dont expect anything new or groundbreaking here. This could very easily have been a good old hallmark TV movie if it wasnt for the use of Jlo and Owen.

The premise is like so many romcoms out there, star is at their hight of their career has everything they want in life, on the verge of making a televised marriage for the planet only to find out that her fiancee is cheating on her so she has to think fast.. What would you do well in this case she picks the first person she sees in the crowd at the even who in this case just happens to be a very nice but plane maths maths teacher who they setup in the first 10 minutes for this very purpose. So they get married and for the next hour you have to watch the will they wont they steps as they see if they can “make it work” as he is so… normal and she is a superstar who doesnt know the real world.

This is indeed a bit of a poor movie, the writing is mediocre to be nice about it, whilst good Jennifer Lopez is her normal acting self, embracing the part of a successful singer.. Oh wait she is a successful singer so no stretch there.

Owen wilson picks up the poor normal teacher role quite well, but really would you pick him for the role, in the new generation of accepting everyone i am sure there will be some that say you cant go by looks alone but you can here, you wouldnt put them together, it just looks odd.

This wont win any awards unless someone is very very drunk that day, but it is a fairly good movie, the parts are carried off. And Sarah Silverman’s part has to be a nice add.

All in all if you have the time and like any of the actors, go for it but dont expect too much.

A firm 3 out of 5

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