July 17, 2024

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The Book of Boba fett (2021)

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it has been out for a while but this entry into the star wars Universe deserves a mention on our Small Corner of the Internet if only to Say that despite the hype and intrigue that surrounded it most of this series is just So boring. Only the introduction of the other disney franchise did anything to save this from the anals of history without a note at all.

The Series is around, the figure Boba fet who is the Son of the orig ind this one being left in the stomach of the beast on tattoine to rot over a thousand years at the end of Return Of the Jedi. Harry dragged himself out of the pit he apparently gets captured by the sand people and earns his freedom and their respect, He then takes over from Jabba the hut as ruling his town. The series is his battle to keep his throne from drug trafficors. Overall the firs 5 yes a whole5 episodes of the ore back story which is Just So boring i don’t actually care about this slow port and neither did the ratings only when the Mandalorian is brought in to help does it got good in fact one whole episode could have been mando and was. it’s a bit of a cheat really.

All the real action fatecs to the last 2 episodes to happen and even then its only a couple of set pieces that Save it. Why in battle would you spend your time doing theatrical spins when your being shot at by the way (you have to watch it to understand that one sorry).

Overall we can see why disney world think this will work it is a good placeholder for the next mandalorian series and includes some good link material to set that up.

The other great things in this Series was the introduction of a fully CGI Luke Skywalker who has been majorly improved Since he showed up on the mandolorian Show,the Original attempt looked So robotic it received nothing but ridicule.Since then disney hired a youtuber that did a much better Job to bring it more realism. it worked although You can tell this isnt human it is still more lifeli ke than anything before.shoving that in the nut too distant future we could see fully made up actors remaking old Classics.

All in all this show fills time the last few episodes maybe have been better as a mini series Setting up for season 3 but i say give it a go as there isnt much else out there at the minute.

a good 3/5

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