July 17, 2024

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Dr Who (2005) Season 13 easter special

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What did i just watch! That is literally all you can say after spending your time on this, what in the name of all that is sci-fi is this supposed to be. Was this a short story from a primary school child that won a competition and they had their local amateur dramatics players come along to act in it. That is the best idea i can come up with for this episode. Its easter so the BBC in their infinite wisdom think they need to put something new out, so what they do it seems is let the visual artists loose with their best flying ships and leave the rest to a child.

The story is another of the sea monster ones, which on the whole are already a bit lame, this time one that was captured years ago is released and hellbent on taking over the planet again.. this time with a stolen flying gal ion from 500 years ago.. and thats as stupid as it gets really.

The story is ludicrous even by their standards the acting from our guest actors has to be the absolute worst so far, these would make kids on a stage in primary school look like professionals. this all stinks of cost saving.. you use as few actors and locations as you can and it shows.

If the BBC is funded from forced license payers money then perhaps it could be better spent than on this, it is an insult to the show as a whole and will lead to its ultimate demise. Look at the level of story telling and acting from the Sylvester McCoy era that killed the franchise for 20+ years and this is dangerously close. The BBC should think twice before letting anyone who worked on this show out there again.

1/5 for this stuff and thats being generous, if Jodie Whittaker is going to regenerate in 2023 based on this please make it this years christmas special…

and it is indeed coming soon …

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