July 17, 2024

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Marvels She-Hulk TV Series (2022)

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(this is being written after 2 episodes have aired)

Marvel it appears is at it again (or is it just disney being greedy) but there is now another member of the TV series family and this time its power female.. literally.

She-Hulk hits the streaming scene August and opinions are varied. The series follows Jennifer Walters the cousin of the Hulk. After an accident she is “infected” with her cousins blood and due to her own genetic anomaly she inherits the hulk powers. But there’s a twist, she keeps her brain, like smart hulk even in her full hulked out form she is a full on brainy lawyer. Episode one is the setup, we follow her as she gets the powers, Bruce spends his time trying to train her in how to be a hulk but she is simply not interested. Returning to her own life she plods along normally until one day in court she is forced for no apparent reason to have to hulk out to save the day resulting in her being fired.

Episode 2 opens with her unemployed searching for a job, trying to get something to keep going, to be offered a position in a special unit in a large firm.. the catch she has to do it as she-hulk. Decision is hard but in the end she has no choice.

Unfortunately, this series is just bad. The story line is thin to say the least, the acting is a joke and they try way too hard. The big thing they are trying this time is to “break the fourth wall” where the main actor will break scene to talk directly to the viewer. This was fun when people first do it but for a superhero series it just plane doesn’t work, it makes such scenes cringy and halts their flow. The jokes are lame and the humor, as far as it goes, just isnt funny. All in all for some reason they just haven’t hit the mark with this one.

Add in the fact that, according to the media, the CGI from the pilot had to be redone due to it being so bad and you look at what they are left with its poor. The She-Hulk just looks like a walking cartoon. If this is what they ended up with we would hate to see the original attempt. The CGI probably cost millions upon millions but the output makes this look like a live action cartoon.

All in all this is a disappointment, it had potential they just killed, it tries too hard to be funny, the CGI is a joke and talking to the audience simply doesn’t work. lets hope this is another one series wonder and they spend the budget on Hawkeye s2.

1/5 start

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