April 20, 2024

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Blue Beetle (2023)

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You indeed need to feel sorry for this movie, it is one of the DC universe trying to eek out some really wanted money, but from a Movie that, to be honest just does not deliver as a super movie if you where. This just does smell of a CGI project that someone just really really wanted to get out and actors who you havent heard of that wanted soemthing to do.

This movie is a origin story to be sure. The premises is a bit too formulaic and a little too politically correct in the casting, Our hero returns from college to live with his folks to see what is next in his life, only to meet with dissapointment and loss in the fictional Palmera City. But as inept accident would have it hs has great power thrust upon him in the form of a flesh-burrowing alien device that excretes a symbiotic alien-AI suit. Think iron man later liquid form complete with an alien AI in his head.

After some what can only be considered overplayed scenes in which Jaime gets to grips with his incredible new powers — flight, invulnerability, turning his hands into any weapon he can think of — he comes into conflict with evil corporate boss Victoria Kord (a happily hamming this up for the paycheck Susan Sarandon). She says cliche borderline stupid lines, like, “Carapax, ready the claw!” and wants the tech to make loads of baddie clones of our hero tech.

In real story form and action etc there is nothing new her, there is lots that is corny and borderline stupid to the B movie level with a A movie budget.
Blue Beetle, the suite AI makes one smart decision that saves its shiny CGI self: it brings Jaime’s family along for the ride. And we mean actual same-DNA family Usually in these heroes’ journeys, families exist to be abandoned used as a setup or walkaway from but this time, unfortunately and for no other reason that it seems comedic value the writers decided to use them and it sort of, doesn’t work.

There is some victimising and avenging going on, but Jaime’s parents, sister, Grandma and — most entertainingly — George Lopez as his stupidly mulleted, conspiracy theorist Uncle Rudy, stand alongside him and somehow doesn’t die. .

The persistent prominence of the Reyes clan also helps showcase another admirably distinctive thing about Blue Beetle; not only is this cinema’s first Hispanic-American lead superhero (no underlying want to get this minority onboard of course), but the film has an almost entirely Hispanic-American cast, making culturally specific references (okay, we had to Google María la del Barrio) amid dialogue delivered in Spanglish which just gets annoying.
All of this we have to hope, is enough to prove that this steaming pile of something movie really should be a one off that should be seen as their Green Lantern of the decade.
To summerise this for you, its a not too bad comic book story, poorly converted for the big screen, badly acted, drawn out and with such stupid CGI it should be consigned to the dollar bin as soon as possible.

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