May 27, 2024

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007 Road to A Million (TV) Amazon Prime

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Amazon have now decided it is time to cash in on their purchase of the MGM studio and the 007 brand by putting together a game using this as its name. So you think, excitement adventure, action packed stories with a competition… Well you might be a bit disappointed at least if episode 1 is anything t9 go by.
Brian Cox takes the helm as the controller of the competition that sees sets of two competitors set out to find various boxes at weird locations across the globe. The contestant’s are from all walks of life and by the looks of it..intelligence.
Episode one follows starts of with team one walking over a Scottish highland to find a box in the spend what seems like an age answering a simple multiple choice question.
The episode is dull and annoying to say the least, contestant’s turn up on buses! Overall this is a poor outing for such an esteemed franchise it is poorly made poorly instigated and from what we can see it is made with Brian cox as he is with the distinct purpose of making it with other presenters for other parts of the world.
it is unfortunate that Amazon decided to use the intellectual property in such a way, yes people will watch this just because there is a large prize involved but that in itself does not detract from the poor quality show that this is.
So much more could have been done with this, action sequences in the style of fear factor, adventures but not this.. all in all this is just a cash in that will go on no doubt as they have to get something from the deal.
Amazon could have done so much more with this and they didn’t this smacks of someone came up with an idea and then went our and made it like a school project its poor TV and not what is expected out of amazon.
Bored 2 out of 5

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