June 25, 2024

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Coronovirus and the impact on the tech world

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Hand hold wooden cube with PLAN word. The concept of planning in business.

As the world falls into a great panic over the ongoing cv19 problems, countries start to shut their borders, stop travel when it’s not needed or you can’t justify it we have to ask what are the impacts going to be as we get further into these measures we have to start to think how all this will affect the tech world in both business and hobbiests. Well its not going to be good, if you think about it most things no matter the make the model or where you think it comes from will some point be touched by a country that is affected. From china to the USA itself the parts you rely on the replacement drives you might need may get tied up in the events as we go.

Shipments will be delayed, people will panic buy and you might find that the small memory module you need the sata cable you need to complete your build, to fix that broken server, and when you need it you wont be able to get it for months. 

We are already seeing this in the domestic market, as people bulk buy toilet roll, pasta and wipe out supermarkets stocks, replacing these would normally take a few days now has to take weeks to months.

So when you are planning for disaster contingency do you take all this into account, well you should. There is now need to be thinking of all this in the long terms,governments are planning the next year not next week, they are planning on how hospitals will cope, what equipment they will need to source in the future right now, so why wouldnt we. If you think in the next 6-12 months your or the business will run out of drive space dont wait until the day and expect your supplier to have the drive you need or the cable to link it. Think now, buy spares in house, not loads, dont wipe out the supplier, but buy at least one of things you might need. The same as you would at home, you dont want to run out of food, water or power so you plan. 

There may be a time when all borders shut down completely, stopping the flow of people. And goods, while countries will have planned for this, to feed the people internally they wont be botehred about the teach too much.

Plan plan plan and think again.

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