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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

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As we came to the end of the rather weird year 2020, the movie world was put into disarray, nothing was open, people simply had no open theatres to go to so the studios started to shift to online streamers as a method of getting their new content out to the masses. If they had left it to just movie theatres in Europe for one place there were only 10% of the theatres actually open. Some people were not happy about this and thought that streaming was not the answer as you need the big screen.. but its that or they simply make no money.

So here we are, end of the year online is the way, mullan had made disney some money so Warner and the DC universe made the deal, HBO max have a deal to stream all new releases into 2021, this has to be a good thing as the UK is in lockdown as we start the year and its just not possible to go to theatres.

Anyway enough about the state of the world, we all know how that is going dont we. Lets talk about the movie, it was released on the streaming platform on boxing day a holiday.. and it went well. The buzz was out the movie was a buzz, but. it took only a few hours for the firs negatives to come through.

The movie is a nostalgia trip, set in 1984 Dianna (gal Gadot) has been making her magical way through the world on her own, popping up saving those in peril as a superhero, holding her alter ego working for a museum until… a weird artifact comes in a magical crystal which is supposed to hold the power to grant wishes. COuld it work? well in the beginning ther eis a possibility its all just make believe… until she holds it herself and shortly after her trye love turns up (we wont spoil how in caseyou havent seen it) and she is no longer alone.. But of course when there could be a wish machine in the taking the bad guys come out of the woodwork to use this thing for evil.

Enter Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal, Mandaorian fame) a failing conman selling barren land in the hopes of an oil strike, he has known of this mythical stone for a long time. Coming accross it in the museum he tricks the curator into lending him the stone. this is when the trouble starts.

Max manages to absorb the stone and make himself into the granter of wishes, only when that happens everyone is open to corruption. What they dont know though is to gain something you have to loose something… can the world survive this new tirant and evil man… Can dianna save the day and make her own saccrifices.. give it a look and see.

Overall, like other critics after watching this movie the plot is a little on the thin side, the acting could in some parts be called corny, it does have too many in jokes from the era that anyone under 30 will have to google (irony as we didnt have google you had to get a book). The effects though are on par with others of the DC universe, and it could be that we see these continue on into other movies.

If you are a fan of the moies then this is a nice harmless addition to the list but it will not be winning and writing awards, do give this movie a look its a bit on the long side.

Plus, and this is just a thought, as you watch through the movie as wonder woman finds her powers, her abilities and the tools she uses you have to ask.. if this is set in 84 and we then had justice league years later… what happened to her. Perhaps the next installment will explain it but at the end you have to ask why she cant do those things.

if i was rating for the movie stand alone sorry its a 3 out of 5 as part of the universe i would say give it an extra 1 so 4 out of 5. But as with all things do make up your own mind.

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