June 25, 2024

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Infinite (2021) Movie

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What can I say in a straight to video kind of way I was actually looking forward to this movie. From the trailer that was on youtube it looked like a good one. The trailers shows, chases, shootouts and a mad scene to jog the memory.. but sadly as with all these are some of the better parts of the movie. Although this is a movie from the Paramount+ streaming service, it is paramount so how bad can it be? Well sorry to say thats a question that you wont like the answer to.

The premises is Mark Wahlberg stars as a man who is a member of a special breed, people who can remember all their past lives, so is “infinite” a state where as you are reborn at some point you remember who you were. The breed is but a select few and for some it is too much to bear and they want to end the cycle. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Bathurst, a infinite that has simply had enough and is spending his incarnations trying to figure a way to end it. Wahlberg in a past life stole the weapon that could end life, but this time around due to treatments as a child he cant remember where it is.

We spend the movie in little battle sequences as one defends one attacks, and whilst this does help a bit the actual story and writing is so poor this defiantly seems like a straight to video as we used to call it.

The idea itself is sound, why not, there are religions that believe we are all reincarnations of one person or another how else do we all seem to know so much. But the execution here is just a little to shoddy to be that good.

Add to this some comical effects, the use of a “soul prison” gun is a little too odd even for sci-fi if you follow, plus add to this the fact they dont seem to have grasped the idea of distance or time of travel, as the bad guy goes from Scotland to Thailand and back in less than a couple hours like he is going down the corner shop. If they put in a little more thought to the effects, the continuity and the levels of damage the human body can take this would be much better.

This could have lead to a series or series of movies, the idea you are reincarnated into a new body each time lends itself to literally anyone playing the part and you could have a lifetime a series leading to the next, quite good when you think about it, only after this one we have to ask if this premise has a future..

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