April 20, 2024

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The Doorman (2020)

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Well its another one that has taken me a little time to get around to but i will use the excuse it only just popped up on Amazon Prime Video so just pressed play… What can we say about this one, well lets be kind and start with the plot. Ruby Rose (john wick 2, Batwoman season 1) plays an ex military specialist who left the core after a failed bodyguard job went horribly wrong. So what does she do, well what would any retired ptsd suffering person do, they go get a low end job as a doorman. Her uncle sets this up, at an old fashioned high rise in new york it seems. The place is closing down for renovations. Only two families remain… Enter the bad guys, one already in and the others who come in dressed as workmen.. how original. Well we say all dressed as workmen, we dont actually see the main one enter, cant have Jean Reno (Leon, Mission Impossible) come in this way, oh no.

So the bad guys are after the old couple on the ground floor, the gentleman apparently being a thief who stole valuable paintings 30 years previously and stashed them in the building. The bad guys searching for these to make their fortune.

Add to this the oh so convenient fact that the other family mentioned is the nice and nephew of Rose.. and you have highjinx indeed. Ruby this tough and trained soldier must fight to survive this cliche of a film to save her family and beat the bad guys.

The idea of the movie is a tried and tested, only thats as far as it goes, the actors were hired based on a zoom call had to be, the script writers were no doubt drunk or just stupid. The effects were laughable.

Who in their right mind would think this could work. you have Rose who is a bit on the small size to pull off the soldier aspect, the bad guys who’s acting can only be kindly referred to as wooden and the effects that were… crap.

Production is not really that good either, there are notable errors, for instance in mirror scenes in the bathroom you can clearly see the camera rig. When the old couple are killed, well they forget not to breath. When the bad guys research the hero, it lists a different medal and location on the screen than in the dialogue. And did you know a hand grenade can blow you apart plus and this is the big one an RPG to a gar 10 foot infront of you WONT KILL YOU. things that any continuity person worth their sale should fix. And heres a thought, could you see Katie Homes in the role as according to the internet she was first pick.. even less believable.

All in all this is what we would still class as a straight to video production, all in all a waste of time. Please if you value your sanity avoid this. IMDB gave this thing 4.5 stars, but i cant figure out, after watching it, why. It should only get 2 at most.

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