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65 (2023)

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Didn’t quite know what to expect from this. From the trailer it looked like a good sci-fi at least bit will it give us anything new.

Well the title sequence is interesting it’s batlestar galactic pre human civilisation times millions of years before man. A pilot takes a long term job to fly a set of sellers to explore new worlds.

A short time into the flight they come across a uncharted meteorite storm that destroys most of the ship causing them to crash into an unknown world. Thinking he is alone should he fight or just give in?

Seconds before taking the decision a beacon is found that one other may have survived. Can the pilot help survive this hostile world and what will they find whilst they try.

Can they find a way back before the planet is doomed by the very asteroids that brought them here.

Starring Adam Driver (star wars) the movie only has 4 actors but it does work. The effects are good and Adam brings just enough to the performance to make it entertaining. At only 92 minutes this is no blockbuster runtime we have seen of late but it is enough. Yes you could do with seeing the actual ending instead of having to make your own mind up bit other than that it is good.

A solid 3/5 from us

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