May 27, 2024

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The Time Capsule (2022)

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This is from last year and from a small collection of companies but even so thought it may be worth a watch.

The premise – in the near future people can sign up for Jon’s pm colonies ships thay take 10-20 years to travel to and from a distance world. The trick though is that to do so you hypersleep and you don’t age.

Brianna Hilderbrand plays Elisr a 17 year old who goes on her flight with her dad for the money.

Todd Grinell plays Jack a policitian who was left behind to carry on those 20 years after Elise has left marries and tries to stay happy in the life he made.

Returning to his childhood home Kack bimps into Elise who is now back but still 18.. can they win back what they once had.. do they want to.

This is actually a good independent movie, yes it’s a little slow I’m parts and the future tech is a bit of a stretch on the shoestring budget but they sort of work. Overall not too bad the ending was a nice twist but as with some other low end movies they wrapped it up leaving your wondering..what happened next just 2 minutes more would have solved it.

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