June 25, 2024

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Transformers Rise of The Beasts (2023)

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The Transformers are back once more and this time, shock, the fate of the world is on them. Harking back to the original Transformers the movie, this time we see our robotic Heroes fighting omecron the planet sized planet eater.

Having been stuck on earth, turns out that the transformers are not alone, 1000s of years ago others of their kind came to earth on an invisible powered bridge. The bridge being run by a pair of crystals, these crystals were broken apart and hidden to prevent the bridge being missuses.

Accidentally coming across one of the crystals a museum employee trigers the gate showing its location wherein all hell breaks loose. Massive enemies and secret beast transformers just turn up and start battling.

If you look past the fact this is yet another set of secret transformers hiding on earth without being found for millennia or that one set cant detect the other its a bit thin in plot to say the least.

At this point it does seem they are running out of new ideas for these movies, yes the effects and the CGI is getting better by the year but thats about as far as it goes.

The movie is really just a stepping stone it seems to a new set of GI Joe movies that have to be in the works. They make no secret at the end of the movie or subtlety that this is the intention by showing the GI Jo base and recruit the soldier who we have followed through the movie.

All in all its an OK entry into the franchise but as a remake of the oh so loved cartoon it has to be said, its a bit poor.

Give it a go if you have the time but dont go out your way. 3/5

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