June 25, 2024

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Ghosted (2023)

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This week apple TV came out with another action movie, this time starring the action hero Chris Evans (captain America).

Evans plays Cole a simple farmer who has never left the states. He comically bumps into Sadie (Ana De Ames, blade runner 2049, no time to die) who he has a single date with then dissapears.

Ghosting in his attempts to contact her after, Cole doesn’t give in he is infatuated. And instead of giving up uses apple tracker to track her down to London (subtle product placement) where he travels and this is where the action starts.

Cole is mistaken for a CIA hit-man come spy “the taxman” and abducted to Pakistan in a war zone. Where Sadie must reveal her true identity for the two to survive and save the world from terrorists (of course).

Thats the plot outlined, now the actual movie, well lets just say its a bit subpar when it comes to a budget, effects or even acting but then its apple and they are not really a movie company just jumping on the band wagon, or at least that is what this movie will have you thinking.

The initial meeting of our hero’es seems to have you believe that they will indeed get together without much of mystery about it, the acting is passable but nothing special. We then are taken on a ride of predictable events with unbelievable stunts and some shoddy cgi. In the current day and age a kid in his bedroom could do a decent job of back projection work but that apparently is lost on apple, or at least their budget didn’t stretch to a home PC it seems. The effects are just plane silly. Anyone who believes you could do what they did with a bus is mad and should be allowed out.

The script did have a few funny moments at the expense of cameo appearances from what seems to be Evans best friends from the marvel world, however brief they may have been. In what could only be explained as slapstick macabre humour.

But to top all this is the end battle, not only do we seem to have here the most useless bounty hunters and bad guys in the history of the movie world but apparently builders of rotating restaurants do so with the ability to spin them at centrifugal speed… that lost me totally.

And spot the apple product placement..subtle it wasn’t.

The movie is a bit of a train wreck really, with poor acting, story line from a schoolkid, bad CGI, minimal acting. If it wasnt for Evans and Ames this movie would be a totally c list event. Though Apple did put allot into its advertising online and social which did seem to bolster some excitement, you will need to decide for yourself if this was worth all the hype or not.

The end of the movie is left open, so perhaps they want to make this a movie series for streaming, i did like this film it was harmless fun so if all you want is slapstick and the odd laugh then please do, if you want an action packed adventure with believable stunts good effect and oscar class acting.. move allong.

So for a simple no hard thinking use of your time 4/5 for this, for originality skill and writing 1/5.

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