May 27, 2024

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Uk TV license fee is it needed in the 21st century

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In the UK if you own a home the government assume you own a TV and watch live TV so insist, through an appointed company that you pay for the privilege of watching live broadcasts whether you do or don’t watch them. Since TV was invented back on the 50s they have been making people pay and if bot send in salesmen like your a crook. Fast forward to the 21st century when allot of people simply stream everything and you hit a snag, why pay?
The rules say you have to pay for a TV licence if you watch or record TV as it is broadcast or use the BBC iPlayer service, but if you don’t then you don’t need to paym but you have to prove it.
Should this be maintained now we ask, its time yo review I for one don’t see the point the output of the BBC these days is so poor why should we pay. If you look at the schedule now it’s hours of rubbish “reality tv” or antique shows utter dross plus most already subscribe to other services.
So what happens if you don’t actually pay? Well not much really. You can fill out a form to say you don’t need one, you can call thr company but that must be renewed every 2 years. Will it stop them contacting you in short, no. If you don’t pay then you will get threatening letters and maybe a knock on the door from a licence agent, who have no power but to ask nicely. All in all u less you yourself tell them you watch they can’t do much.
It should be someone’s choice to not pay and not be harassed if we did this in a shop you could charge them but this is legal
The licence fee is an old idea that should be removed now and a choice given to the consumer like any other. So what can be done well bot allot really it’s down to the government to change law but you can write to your local MP to get your voice heard so please do.

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