June 25, 2024

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Call Me Kat (TV 2021)

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What do you do after the huges success of the big bang theory and 10 years on air, well for Mayim Bialik you try again, this time using the production company set up by Jim Parson (sheldon on big bang) who was kind enough to give her a new platform to try out. The series is commissioned and airing on the fox network, which is a big plus, and being filmed during a pandemic is, according to the star a bit challenging to say the least as writers and actors are not allowed to share the set at the same time. Interseting indeed.

So what is the premises you may ask, well we meet Kat a 39 year old woman decides to spend the money earmarked for her wedding to open up… a cat cafe.. like you do. Cat us sicially awkward, socially unaware and an intravert. The sit com follows her through the usual tribulations. The different thing here is that she breaks the mythical 4th wall spending allot of time addressing the audience directly.

Now there havent been many episodes of this as of time of writing (just the two) but from what we have seen, i have to say its a little dissapoining, the writing is abit predicatable, the laughs canned.. but then most series do not look too good at the outset, we have to let them get in their stride and find their nice market. And as a fan of Mayim for years since back in the blossom days have to say we wish her well with this new one…

all in all a solid 3 out of 5 for the first 2 episodes.


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