June 25, 2024

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Wandavision (2021) Disney+

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Wandavision is a spinoff of the marvel universe, it shows the fictional lives of the characters Wanda Maximov and the Android vision, what could have been perhaps if they had lived their lives together. Well thats the idea anyway, you get the thought from the titles… and there are many, that this is some kind of computer simulation perhaps by vision himself into how they could have been. The first two episodes are bad, sorry no other way to put it. the hype that was put into this does not really prepare you for the crap show that it is, the story is flimsy, the plotlines non existent, the special effects are so stupid they are bad.. the only thing this has going for it is the name Marvel!

Filmed in black and white to match the era they are set in episode one, shows the supposed newlyweds Wanda and Vision, magically set up home and start out together, with vision getting a job at a computational firm of all places, they host a diner for the boss that doesnt go to plan… and that about it.

The worst things about the episodes (other than the writing and acting) have to be the titles and the canned laughter, the laughter which is added for effect and to be funny in itself is downright annoying, if in a tv slot you would ring up the company to complain its that bad. The other thing is the titles, out of a 26 minute runtime on disney plus over 7 minutes of that are titles, 1.5 minutes at the start for the marvel intro and the rest, at least skippable the end, who in their right minds sits through all those?

Overall this is a dissapointment, a “why” has to be asked and the hope that this all fits together in some way towards the end of the series, because right now as it stands, i would say AVOID this and dont waste your time!

this one gets a 1/5 from me at least and i want that time back!

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