April 20, 2024

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Platoon (1986)

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As we continue into this lockdown, i find again looking through the classic section of the movies and come across this. Back in the 80s the vietnam was was still fresh in the minds of most people, having not so long ago ended, this brought with it a list of movies in and around this conflict. This one was among the pick that in the words of some, brought the conflict to life. Oliver Stone was in this war and he brings to the film a level of realism that they say has not been done before.

The movie is quite simple we follow a new recruit played by Charlie Sheen, as he lands in the war zone comes to the realisation of just how grizly this conflict is. We follow him as he sees his first mission and then starts his personal journey on how he will survive both mentally and physically. The depiction is not the normal one, we dont see this as a glorified playtime with guns and muscles all around, this one is played allot more real, you see him suffer through his first deployment into the jungle, strugle with the attocities that he sees whilst in country as the term went. See him laugh see him cry and see him slowly be broken to a shell as was the case with allot of veterans the film makers and writers went the extra mile to bring realism to this movie.

Along with Charlie Sheen we see performances by Willem Dafoe, as a well meaning sergeant who wont stand for the atrocities he sees. Tom Berenger is the scary sergeant who wants to see nothing than a win at any costs, including those that in any other part of the world will be seen as a crime, indeed we see in the movie the horrors that the military will go to in the name of war.  There are also small parts for the, then, upcoming Johnny Depp, and the scrubs John C McGinley in a more gritty role.

Of all the movies made of the time, this was and still is what the film makers call one of the most realistic movies of the time. This is one that should go on your watch list of the 100 you should see in your life, it brings a more realistic face to the conflict for many without the sugar coating.


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