June 25, 2024

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Kill Order (2017)

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Whilst were still in lockdown movies are somewhat hard to come by so you find yourself just watching whatever pops up. This is one of those times I really wish this didnt happen, the first clue should have been the runtime, at just 1 hour 17 minutes this is tv movie length.. and thats the clue.

From the trailer and the blurb it looks fine, lots of action, a star that can do martial arts to a scary degree but then you go digging, this “star” is a stunt performer first and foremost and from the poor acting skills perhaps thats where their tallents should stay.

The plot is so thin it could be tissue paper, and laughable some alternative dimentional power source to give a human special abilities, bad acting all round, a paper thin by anyones standards. CGI that you could have done in high school and a story that a 5 year old would laugh at. All in all this is a real waste of time and money and the only plus side is that the star Chris Mark can use the fight scenes as their promo real for their next stunt job..

If we had to guess from the fact the hero survives this was to be the first in a series or at least a sequel then please please dont… abandon this please leave it to the z list bin forever.. dont waste your time on this.


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