June 25, 2024

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Mortal Kombat (2020)

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What is it with the remakes, some movies should just be left well enough alone, but here we go again, not good enough was the couple of movies from the 1990s and the TV series and the web series (yeah i had forgotten about that one too) but they wanted another crack at this one.

The premise remains the same, the rulers of outworld, this other dimensional plain of existence, want to take over the earth, so to protect it the gods put together a contest, the earths mightiest champions against the monsters of outworld, in a contest known as mortal kombat. The comatants must batle one another to the death using their mystical special powers that only come to light once trained.

This time though there is a catch, its crap. The movie just doesnt deliver, the origional had the advantage of following up one of the biggest game franchises of the time, you played the arcade game, you played the console game at home now watch the movie. But that hasnt been tha case for years. and it looks like our hollywood A listers dont want anything to do with it either. Unlike the original which had a couple of people you “Might” have heard of this one has no one. The actors might be good fighters but there are no way good actors, their lines are so wooden they could be statues and the things they fight, well as we know they are not there, CGI at it most mediacre but these people fight them so badly it funny in itself.

If you want a movie to see just how well a partially trained actor can do or what mid level CGI has come to then here you go. If you want a deep meaningful reboot to this franchise please… look elsewhere.



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