June 25, 2024

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The Tomorrow War (2021) Movie

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So 2nd July has been and gone and to show for it we have a new movie. Amazon prime themselves have released this sci-fi movie that they have been promoting for months. Which just tells is they spent allot on ot really but will it measure up to the hype? Chris Pratt stars in this movie as ex military Dan Forester down on his luck father of one trying to move on from teaching high school to a better job for his family. One quiet day at a family party whilst watching a football match on the TV there is a flash of light on the pitch and the global audience watch as a band of soldiers from the future drop in to tell the world they are from 30 years in the future and they need help to win the war or human kind is lost. So the story goes that the governments of the world get proof and start conscription of the population who are checked and then sent to fight only some will return. Dan initially misses the draft until one day in class he gets the message, after showing up for the review he is given some surprise news that puts him on the draft.

So the adventure begins he is signed up for a 7 day tour of duty..given a gun and transporter that’s when the real fun begins. He must survive to save the world.

What was good – the story is not that different to others but it is enough to keep it interesting.The monsters were well done the cgi was on point and not too unbelievable they put some money into the effects. The acting from the others in the movie was well done it wasn’t done like a b movie, and there is a surprise actor you will see from the land of chuck..

What was bad – the effects were a little too relied on why do dialogue when you can show a graphic. The ending was a bit predictable and does look like they drew from other classics on the style. All in all this is a good movie for a streaming service, the acting was good the effects carried it and the actors did a bang up job.

The reviews, so far the reviews for the movie are like mine, they liked it, as a studio amazon did a good job, but when you have watched it, if you are a avid viewer of the style then you will indeed see similarities with this and the Alien franchise, to me though this is not a bad thing that has been going more than 40 years so it has to work. And some say that the movie should only last 1hr 35, and the last half hour were wasted, but make your own decision i think it makes the movie more watchable.

So I would do 4 out of 5.


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