April 20, 2024

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Black Widow (2021)

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After quite the wait those people at Disney finally took it upon themselves to release this member of the MCU family I to the world. Originally set for 2020 the global pandemic put its release back time and again as cinemas closed and restrictions grew. Now as it has been decided that it is a bit safer they let it out… but was it worth the wait.

Set after civil war and before endgame the movie is a stand alone adventure for our superpowerless but extremely lucky action hero natasha. Where did she come from how did she get to the famous red room (and can then get scarlett one more movie) so this covers it.

We start in America with a supposed family around the table a young natasha and her sister sit for a meal when their father turns up and they have to leave the country!

As they return to their beloved russia it turns out the father and the family are fake, and that it was then time for the children to be handed over to the “red room” a place where the russian secret police alter and train their young women to be super spies.

Years later an incident leads to the freeing of one of the red room women, this time turns out to be natasha’s play sister. A new way of controlling the women has been invented and the adventure begins for natasha and her pretend family to go against the red room and the might of the old soviets to free the an battle starts

The effects are up to the normal marvel standard, although a little far fetched in places, but then again that is the beauty of marvel it is over the top you love it.

As a vessel to keep Scarlett in the universe for one last time this movie does deliver, the bad guys are well trained and not the usual pushover and there is some real suspence in this movie.

All in all if you watched this in order with the marvel phase four movies it would fit in nicely.

There is still the question of what happened to her at the end as she stands in the middle of a disaster area and surrenders to the united nations how come she is just left to move on?

Anyway a good 4/5 for this one. Please form your own opinion and enjoy.

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