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Movie- Destination wedding (2018)

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I wasnt really expecting much of this movie to be honest, just two main stars Keanu Reaves and Winona Ryder, and not much of a storyline it seemed at the time. It looked just like a filler movie, the type of thing actors do between major roles to fill their time and their bank balance. No major scenes, no pyrotechnics just acting..and to be honest i spent the first half hour of this movie sitting wondering why they would waste their time making it. 

But then you get to the actual story, Keanu plays Frank a world hardened workaholic with a sarcastic whit that would keep most people at bay, he is made to attend his brothers wedding which he loathes but its easier to go than to argue with everyone. Winona Ryder plays Linsay, equally as disenchanted with the world, and an ex of his brothers who really doesnt want to be there…or anywhere.

And thats about it, a simple story of Lindsay and Frank attending a wedding they dont want to be at, with people they dont want to see and being sarcastically miserable whilst they do so.

The story is a pretty standard romance other than that, the two bump into each other, whilst they travel to the event, each showing us their own quirks to be amused by, they despise each other almost instantly. But as the movie goes on, they find their commonalities, they are drawn together by misery and sarcasm, and it just…works. 

Its not oscar winner, its not engrossing, its just good acting, a nice script and you actually start to root for these two by the end.

To me this isnt a filler after you have seen it, its a way for them to hone their acting skills, when you strip out all the technical aspects, the effects, the locations the supporting actors down to just extras. They have to show you their true skills as actors to make this all believable. And they do.

So if you find yourself with time to kill, dont take it too seriously, this is a nice movie to just..watch.

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