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Movie – Ending Beginnings 2019

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I was looking through the old movie library when i saw this one in the list sitting unwatched, staring Shailene Woodley, who i first saw in Allegient series of movies. I did a bit research and found she had done a few movies over the years and got a list. So here pressing play i wasnt expecting much, well thats exactly what I got. 

The blurb for this movie lays it out like a standard romance movie, nothing special. Recovering from a recent break-up, Daphne played by Shailene Woodley finds herself with no purpose in life, no job and nowhere to live. She moves into her sister’s guesthouse, where apparently she has been before. Regularly witnesses her sibling and her brother-in-law fighting, which only makes things worse, the once-idealistic Daphne’s growing despair regarding long-term love. 

Then, she attends a party, whilst trying to give up men and alcohol, she meets Frank (Sebastian Stan) and Jack (Jamie Dornan). Both are enormously attractive to her, albeit in very different ways: one is the free-spirited bad boy, unpredictable, and always ready for adventure; the other is sober, intelligent, sensitive, and invested in his career as an academic. Being unable to choose between these almost polar opposites, Daphne finds herself bouncing in a relationship with both of them instead, enjoying the distinct ways each sees her — she cant make her mind up which way to go, she has a long term livin in relationship with one, and a sleep in your car one night stand sort of thing with the other. But fate has a way of making decisions for her, we spend the movie following her misery and its ultimate outcome.

The movie is definitely nothing special, the dialogue is a bit flat, the emotional entanglement is loose to say the least and if we didnt know better this was just an excuse to see her topless. No all in all this is a small independant movie, with arty shots rather than meaningful ones, with angst rather than happiness on purpose. This really is a waste of your time unless you just want to watch something to depress you. 


Looking through her catalogue of other movies and their synopsis, this is definitely something you will need to get used to if you follow Shailene Woodley, she seems to have made a niche for herself as a hard done to, struggling teen, young adult, 30 something. All in all a must miss movie, yes its independent but its too slow, too sad, seems to be trying too hard…

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